Announcing the 2013 iPad Mini Raffle!!

In the 80’s, there was…

sony walkman

What if we gave you the chance to rock 2013 with something a little more up-to-date?

ipad mini

Last year, we had a Cupcake Challenge for the kids. This year, to provide a different kind of incentive for Crocker families to donate to the Auction, we decided to “up the ante” with a chance to win something really special…

For every Auction donation your family makes (or that is made by a local business on your behalf), your name will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of three (3!) iPad Mini’s.
We’re pretty sure we don’t need to tell you what an iPad Mini is… but just in case, you can check it out here:

Strong family participation is SO important to the success of the Auction, we try to do what we can to get EVERY FAMILY to donate something. We thought this raffle might provide that extra nudge this year for those of you who are “on the fence” about it…

Donating is easy!
Just click on “Donate an Item or Service” or “Host a Party.” We’re here to help with all of your questions:
Ideas/help for parties: Wendy Ghorai and Lucy Streett:
General auction/donation questions: Nicole Fee and Jennifer Black:


  1. If you donate more than one item, service or party, your name will be entered multiple times (up to a maximum of 10 entries)!
  2. Your name will also be entered if you purchase ad space in the Auction catalog and/or become an event Sponsor.
  3. Make sure you fill in the field marked “This donation is made on behalf of the following Crocker Highlands family (if applicable):” – otherwise your name will NOT be entered into the raffle for that donation. If a local business donates something on your behalf, make sure they fill in this field, as well.
  4. Winners will be announced at the Auction event on March 2nd, but you do not need to be present to win.
  5. The more families that donate to the Auction, the more successful the event will be, and the more likely we can keep paying for the enrichment and support programs that make Crocker such a wonderful place for our kids to learn and grow!!

We are really excited about being able to reward you for making an extra effort and contributing what you can to make this the most successful Auction ever!

Let’s do this, Crocker! Get your donations submitted by Monday, January 25th.

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