Auction 2014 News – Save the Date, and Donations Operations Chair/s needed!

That’s right – the Auction never sleeps. Believe it or not, preparations for 2014 Auction are well underway, and there are a couple of things we want people to be aware of before we break for summer:

The Auction is NOT going to be the first Saturday in March, like you may have expected. Next year’s Auction will be on Saturday, April 5, 2014 – please mark your calendars now! We’re not giving out any more details until the Fall… suffice to say it’s going to be a terrific event, and a seriously good time!

Team Auction 2014 is really starting to come together, but a couple of key positions will need to be filled sooner rather than later. Probably the most critical is Donations Operations, where we could use a good chair – or better yet, a dynamic co-chairing duo – that can receive and keep meticulous track of all Auction donations from mid-January through March of next year. If you have been looking for a good way to get seriously involved in fundraising at Crocker, and would love to get a look at our fabulous Auction items before anybody else does, this may be the job for you! See the job description below for more detail about what’s involved, and contact me at if you are at all curious.

If not, there will be plenty more opportunities to help out with the Auction once the new school year gets into full swing… believe me, there’s something for everyone.
Until then, mark your calendars for April 5th 2014, and have a fantastic, restful summer!

Yours in Planning Ahead-of Time,

Jennifer Black
Chair*, 2014 Crocker Highlands Auction
*Interested in co-chairing? Send me an email!

Donations Operations Chair/s


  • Meet with Auction chair/s to go over process flow for donations and receive training in Auction software
  • Receive and safe-guard Auction donations (physical items and gift certificates) – most likely in your home
  • Check information entered online by donors for accuracy and completeness against actual donations received (quantities, $$ amounts, and restrictions on gift certificates; descriptions, dimensions and other specifics for physical items)
  • “Check in” and categorize items received, making entries/edits in Auction software as appropriate
  • Store and arrange donations in number-order so they can be easily found and tracked (involves fairly meticulous labeling, filing, etc.)
  • Print system-generated Gift Certificates for donated services (if donor does not provide)
  • Photograph physical items for online catalog, and upload to software
  • Answer questions about donations (verifying physical characteristics of items and/or conditions/restrictions on gift certificates) from…
    • Catalog writer/s working on donation descriptions
    • Online Auction committee during Online Auction**

**Due to the time-sensitive nature of these questions, this requires a specific commitment to be available and reasonably responsive for the duration of the Online Auction (1-2 weeks, dates TBD but most likely in March 2014)

  • Assist as needed with final donation procurement at collection table on yard before/after school
  • Prepare donations for transport to Auction venue or storage/distribution facility

You (and a partner?) should be…

  • Excited about having a behind-the-scenes, “first-look” at donations as they come in
  • Relatively (ok – make that very) detail-attentive (if not positively anal)
  • Not fearful of learning Auction software (it’s pretty intuitive)
  • Able to put a significant amount of time towards Auction work from mid-January through March of 2014
  • Flexible with your schedule… this job would be very difficult for someone who has full-time employment away from the home, but is definitely do-able if you are at home at least a couple of days a week and/or okay with getting work done in the evenings. The two ladies who did this the last couple of years would be more than happy to discuss this with you, if you’re interested.
  • Comfortable sharing your home address with the greater Crocker community, and answering your door to receive donations
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