Auction Kickoff Meeting: Thursday, October 24th at 7:00pm

Hello Crocker Community,

We are Jennifer Black and Erika Vexler, your Co-Chairs for the 2014 Crocker Highlands Auction. We wish to cordially invite any and all interested Crocker parents to the…

Auction Kickoff Meeting

Thursday, October 24, 2014 at 7:00pm

in the Crocker Library

This is your golden opportunity to spend a fun, relaxed evening learning more about the Auction and how you might want to participate. There is NO OBLIGATION to volunteer – just show up, find out what’s going on, eat snacks, and help us brainstorm!

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • We’ll give an overview of the Auction, and the current status of Auction planning.
  • We’ll review all open Auction volunteer positions, including detail about what each one involves in terms of skills and time commitment.
  • We’ll brainstorm ideas for unique donations and parties, incentive prizes, fun extras at the event, and more!

Here’s why you should come:

  • Working on the Auction is fun and rewarding – it really is. Even if coming to the Kickoff Meeting is all you do!
  • There is no better, faster, more interesting way to feel like you’re a part of Crocker than working side-by-side with your community on the Auction.
  • There are tons of opportunities – from very large to very small – to help out. You can dedicate a lot of time, or very little – whatever you can do will be very much appreciated.
  • We make good use of your valuable time! The Auction nets roughly 1/3 of the PTA’s annual budget, so it’s an extremely worthwhile place to put at least some of your volunteer efforts.
  • We need expertise – not just bodies! You get to put your skills to use (and show them off!) doing whatever is up your alley – solicitations, decorating, data crunching, writing, crafting, tasting wine (seriously!) – we need all kinds of help…
  • Most of the work doesn’t begin until after Winter Break, so you will have time to think about how you might want to get involved.

Let us say this again: there is NO OBLIGATION to volunteer just because you come to the Auction Kickoff Meeting! Right now, we just want people to learn more about the Auction and consider their volunteer options… all we can ask at this point is that you show up, eat our food and look interested. We promise that won’t be difficult.

Many thanks in advance for supporting Crocker!

Yours in Meaningful Volunteerism,

Jennifer Black and Erika Vexler

2014 Crocker Auction Co-Chairs

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