Top Ten Reasons you should come to the Auction Kickoff Meeting on October 24th

The Auction Kickoff Meeting is on Thursday, October 24th at 7:00pm in the Crocker Library.

There will be snacks, very cool volunteer opportunities, and general good times! But that’s not all. Here we go…

The Top Ten Reasons you should come to Auction Kickoff:

10.  One more night of putting the kids to bed isn’t exactly “calling” to you

9.    You don’t have to work on your Burning Man costume until at least April

8.    If you tell people you’re working on the auction, no one will ask for any favors for several months

7.    If you show up, you can volunteer your absent friends for things

6.    “It’s for The Children!” (said in a wailing voice, whilst wringing hands)

5.    Even if the A’s make the World Series, they won’t be playing that night

4.    You’ve always secretly wanted to spend time in a school library after hours, ala The Breakfast Club

3.    There will probably be foot rubs, live music, things wrapped in bacon, and free “skip the lice check” coupons

2.    Breaking Bad is over, so do something for crying out loud…

1.    What’s one more committee?

All credit goes to the pop-up Auction Comedy Writing Team of Jessica Tagami, Jaison Smith, Danielle Vidal, Melissa Heller, Vijay Mehrotra and Helene Gryfakis. Who knew?

Put it on your calendar now! Contact us with questions:


Jennifer Black and Erika Vexler, your 2014 Crocker Auction Co-Chairs

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