Theme and Venue for 2014 Auction

This year, we invite the entire Crocker community to celebrate the 1920’s and 30’s in our own version of that uniquely American institution – the “speakeasy.”


Speakeasies were popular all over the United States during Prohibition (1920-1933), when the sale of alcoholic beverages was illegal, but thrived in “secret” bars – often run by crime organizations – where a special knock or password could get a prospective drinker through the door. Going to a speakeasy was always a little dangerous, a little scandalous, and a whole lot of fun…

…just like the Auction!

While we don’t normally engage in organized crime to raise funds, we do like to think of the Crocker community as one big happy “famiglia” that takes care of its own: this includes making sure all our kids get the top-quality education they deserve.

So… on April 5th 2014, Crocker will come together for one fantastic, fun-filled, Silent and Live Auction event at our own private, Prohibition-era speakeasy – aka the Fratellanza Club in Oakland (see sidebar).


In addition to wildly successful fundraising, the evening will feature cocktails, music, dinner (family style, of course), and some serious after-party dancing. Costumes are definitely encouraged, and can include practically anyone from the 20’s or 30’s. Regular folks, mob bosses, historical figures, flappers, Jazz musicians, silent film stars… in those days, every kind of character could be found mixing it up at the local illegal watering hole.

So get inspired, Crocker! Start talking it up, and get ready to make us an offer we can’t refuse! Tickets go on sale in February.

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