Start thinking about Auction Donations!

Happy Winter Break, Crocker Highlands…

Believe it or not, the Donation Drive for the 2014 Crocker Auction is literally right around the corner! We will start rallying the Crocker Community to send in Auction donations shortly after Winter Break, so now is a great time to start thinking about what kinds of things you can donate.

Not sure what we are looking for? Here are some surprising facts about successful Auction donations that will help you come up with ideas:

Surprising Fact #1: Donations that make the most money for Crocker often don’t cost the donor a dime. 
Here are items that typically sell for big bucks at the Auction – that you may have access to for free!

Surprising Fact #2: Parties are the single highest-earning donation category for the Auction…
…second only to the Live Auction items. Have a budding party idea? Run it by Lucy Street, our Party Guru, at as soon as you can:  we want to try to minimize overlapping ideas and spread the fun out across the calendar. There are more details about why/how to host an Auction party here.

Surprising Fact #3: Businesses LOVE to donate to their local public elementary school – especially if an established customer is standing in front of them asking real nice…
As you frequent your favorite local restaurants and shops over vacation, ask them to donate a gift certificate to your school Auction. Take a look at our Solicitations Letter and Form for hints on what to say. Print up some copies and hand them out.

There are loads of donation tips on the Crocker Auction website, which is up and ready to take donations at Send us an email at if you have questions, or just want to run your hare-brained ideas past us. We are here to help – and we don’t judge.

Have a wonderful vacation, everyone! You’ll be hearing from us in the New Year…

Jennifer Black and Erika Vexler
Your 2014 Crocker Auction Co-Chairs

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