All About Parties…

Today’s blog post is… All About Parties!

But first… a few reminders:

The deadline for Auction donations is February 7th ...that’s in 3 weeks! The time to get your donations/parties together and enter them online is NOW!

Donation ideas are here.

Donation form is here.

Party ideas are here.

Party form is here.

Our Email:

Come see us at our morning Auction Table on the yard for Auction info, advice, and conversation. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen – we’ll be here all week!

All About Parties:

Have you ever wondered about how people really get to know each other at Crocker? Look no further than the Hosted Parties that people donate for the Crocker Auction. Hosted Parties are a huge reason that Crocker has become the close-knit community that it is (really!). They can also be some of the biggest money-makers at the Crocker Auction… but only if people sign up to host them!

Our Party Chair, Lucy Streett, is chock-full of fantastic party ideas and stellar advice about any/every party-related quandary. She can point you in the direction of the party type, size, theme, and date that will be right for you. Send her an email as soon as you are even considering hosting a party – she’s at

Skeptical?… Allow us to overcome your Party Objections:

I have no idea what kind of party to host… Of course not – that’s our department. Here: is a list of party ideas as long as your arm. Contact Lucy at – she’s got tons more.

Nobody will come to my party… What – because you don’t know anybody? Throwing an Auction party will solve that problem, friend. If you’re not convinced… try co-hosting with someone who does know people at Crocker. Then your party will be way more fun to throw, and you’ll know that many more people for your fabulous hosted party next year!

I don’t have some huge house… Please. Who cares? Don’t throw a huge party. Host something at your local watering hole or bowling alley or public park. Find someone that does have a huge house and sell them on co-hosting your fabulous party idea. Have a couple kids over and make caramel corn. Honestly – anything goes here, people.

What am I supposed to do then? Enter your party online here. Fill out as much information as you can, and Lucy will contact you for the rest.

And then what? Then people will bid on admission spots to your party during the Online Auction from February 22nd through March 2nd – and again (if there are spots left) at the Auction Event on April 5th – and again (if there are still spots left) in a subsequent Online Auction… until we sell out your party, or the party date arrives, whichever comes first. A few weeks prior to your party date, we will send you a list of your party attendees, and you take over contacting them with the details.

And then?? Host your party… have a blast… repeat next year. That’s it!

So let’s get to it. Talk to your friends, put some parties in the system, and party-on, Crocker People!!

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