More Donations, please!

Not to sound greedy, but…

The donation deadline is next Friday, February 7th, and right now we’re about 1/4 of where we should be in terms of total donations in the system. We know that most donations come in close to the deadline… but why make your Auction Chairs bite their nails?

Time to dig deep, figure out how you can give just one more thing to the Auction… and get those donations in.

Only one week left! 
Let’s leave it all on the floor, people…

We have some fantastic Hosted Parties lined up… but we need MORE! 

We know that a lot of you are planning Hosted Parties, and we’re super excited about them… It’s time to get them entered online so Lucy can nail down the details with you and get you a definite date.
Click on “Host a Party” on the right to get started.
Send an email to Lucy Streett at if you have questions about parties.

Still trying to figure out exactly what to give?

Consider a gift certificate to one of the following places that don’t donate, for whatever reason (they don’t feel they can financially, they’re not in our immediate area, they direct all their charitable giving towards one organization):

  • Top Dog
  • Homeroom
  • Sephora
  • Benefit
  • Sur la Table
  • Colonial Donuts

Or… march on down to your favorite local business and ask them to donate to your kid’s school auction. If you’re a good customer, they’ll find it nearly impossible to say no (or they should!). Give them the Auction web address – – and tell them to click on “Donate.” It’s that easy.

Have any gift cards lying around that you haven’t used? 

Donate ’em! You can clean out your wallet and support our school at the same time. We love a win-win…

Click on “Donate” to the right…

Let’s do this!

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