Last Week!

The deadline for submitting donations is this Friday, February 7th. We only have these last few days to haul in as much as we can, and we know Crocker can do more… so please, folks… get those donations in!

20sTugofWar          Give it one last HEAVE-HO for Crocker!

We’re now up to about 1/3 of the number of donations we had for last year’s Auction.
This means we need to bring in twice as many donations as we already have – in less than a week! We know stuff always comes rolling in at the last minute, but we need to make sure everyone is doing what they can… and by “everyone,” we mean YOU.

Please… if you haven’t yet donated an item, service or party, it’s definitely not too late – and it’s easy! All you need to do is fill out the Donation form or Hosted Party form. There are tons of donation ideas here, Hosted Party suggestions here, and a letter here to help you solicit gift certificates from your favorite local business.

Don’t forget: every donation you make or solicit enters your family in the Family Donation Raffle for one of three pairs of Auction Admissions plus a Golden Ticket.

If you’ve already donated… can we ask you to dig a little deeper and come up with one more donation? Is there an idea that maybe you considered but then put aside? Bring that idea back online! We need it.

Wondering where to drop off donated items? You can leave them at our morning Auction table on the yard, in the school office, or at Kym McCourt’s house at 1096 Trestle Glen Road. We need to get those items in as soon as we can.

Thank you for all your efforts!

Jennifer and Erika

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