Only 2 Weeks to Get Your Auction Donations In!

Hello Crocker Highlands!

Today marks the halfway point for donations. With two weeks left, we want to thank everyone who has so generously donated. We have received great donations are are very excited for this year’s auction. We all appreciate everyone who has helped and continues to do so. As you all know the proceeds help fund the wonderful programs we have at Crocker Highlands. No donation is too small!

If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time. January 30th is coming up fast so be sure to get your donations in! You can send in a donation by clicking on the “Donate an Item/Service” and “Host a Party” buttons on the web site at http://auction.crockerschool.orgIf you have questions about donating you can reach out to our donation coordinators:

Hosted parties:

If donating is not something you are interested in, not to worry, there are other ways you can help. We are

still looking for volunteers. We have a wide range of what we need help with, even if you have just a little time to spare. Please reach out to your auction chairs if you are available to donate your time.

We want to thank everyone for continuing to make the annual Crocker Auction a success!

The 2015 Crocker Auction Chairs,

Jacqueline Fodor (, Lindsay Fa (, and Joe Doyle (

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