Online Auction Now Open!

The 2016 Crocker Islands Benefit Auction officially kicked off at 9:00 am  Sunday, February 21st, with the launch of our two online auctions! This year we have something very special for you –  our first ever Crocker Islands Party Auction, where you can buy your spots to some amazing Crocker parties!

The online auction ends Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00 pm. We’ll be sending some highlights of “not to be missed” items throughout the week.

To ensure you do not have any pesky payment problems that interrupt your bidding joy, or possibly cause you to not win that one item for which you have been plotting your bidding strategy for weeks… please read and follow these instructions carefully:

If you are not a returning bidder (i.e. you did not register for the Online Auction last year), go ahead and register as a new user, complete with credit card information. The instructions for this are pretty self-explanatory on the website, so we will not go over them here (but if you need help, contact

If you are a returning bidder (from last year, for example), you MUST verify/update your credit card information prior to placing a bid, or none of your bids will be valid. Check the credit card currently on file, update the expiration date, enter a new credit card if you wish… here’s how:

• Sign into your bidder account
• Click on the My Account link
• On the My Account page, click on the Credit Cards tab.
• To add a new card, click on the Add New Credit Card link and complete the form with your credit card information.
• To update a card already on file, click on the credit card name or number, click on the Edit Credit Card button, make your edits, then click Update Credit Card.

Also if you are a returning bidder, take a moment to consider if you wish to keep or change your username. Your username is what displays in the Online Auction whenever you bid on something. If your username makes it pretty obvious who you are, you may consider changing it if you are uncomfortable bidding “against” people you know for the same hotly-contested item/s. Will your Crocker friends forgive you if you swoop in and snag the “Stairway to Heavenly” for a ski weekend out from under their noses? Just think about it. All’s fair in love and the Online Auction.

A bidder can change her or his registered username by following these simple steps:

• Log into your account;
• Click on the My Account link in the top left;
• In the Nickname field, enter your new name. You will be notified if the name has been taken;
• Click the Update Information button

That’s it! Simple. Now pour yourself another cup of coffee and start shopping!

Questions? Shoot us an email at

Happy Bidding!

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