Family Donation Raffle

As if helping to fund crucial programs for our school weren’t enough… we like to offer a little extra incentive for Crocker families to donate to the Auction – or to encourage a favorite local business to do the same.

Enter the… Family Donation Raffle

Here’s how it works:

Your family name is entered for each and every donation your family makes, as well as every donation made by a local business on your behalf. Sometime after the donation deadline on February 7th, we will draw three (3) winners, each of whom will win…

Admission for one couple to the 2014 Auction Event on April 5th

plus one “Golden Ticket”

For those of you who are not familiar, the “Golden Ticket” is a time-honored Crocker tradition. We sell only 50 Golden Tickets every year, for $100 each. At the beginning of the Live Auction, people holding a Golden Ticket are called to stand up and play a simple elimination game of “Heads or Tails.”  The flip of a coin determines who stays and who goes in a series of rounds… the last one standing wins! The Golden Ticket winner gets to walk away with any one** of the Live Auction items before it hits the auction block!

You’re reading this right – each Crocker family is eligible for multiple raffle entries, so the more you donate and/or solicit donations, the better your chance of winning!

Official Raffle Rules:

  • Crocker families are eligible for one raffle entry per donation made by them – this includes goods, services, cash donations (over $25), and/or parties that they sign up to co-host. It does NOT include contributions to Class Baskets or Class Projects.
  • Crocker families are also eligible for one raffle entry per donation made by a business on their behalf. The business must enter the Crocker family name on the online or hard copy donation form, in the field labeled: “Is your donation by or on behalf of a Crocker Highlands family? If so, please specify the family name here.”
  • Only one prize will be awarded per Crocker family.
  • The cash equivalent will not be awarded for any of the prizes.
  • Auction admission is not transferrable.
  • If a winning family does not attend the Auction event on April 5th, they can nominate a “proxy” to play the Golden Ticket “Heads or Tails” game in their place and, if they win, make a choice of Live Auction item on their behalf.
  • **Please Note: Certain Live Auction items may be determined to NOT be winnable via Golden Ticket. We will make clear which Live Auction items are Golden Ticket “exempt” in the Auction Catalog.