Donation Ideas

A great auction donation is easier to come up with than you might think. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

 Any length of stay at your vacation home
Or check with friends or family members about their vacation homes.

Unique experiences
Such as a behind-the-scenes tour of your workplace or that of a good friend, or an event or activity with famous people you happen to know.

Helpful expertise
Are you a whiz at computer networking? Building? Decorating? Someone will happily pay for you to spend a few hours doing what you’re good at. Handy? Help those of us who aren’t, and Crocker will reap the rewards.

Do you have a special talent or skill? Teach a group lesson in knitting, sewing, quilting, art, gardening, or tree house building and accompany it with snacks for a fun afternoon or evening.

Get together with friends and offer a simple service—such as gardening, babysitting, or cooking—for a day, a few days, or even once a month for a year. Someone will gladly pay for this and thank you.

Other donations that typically sell well (in no particular order)
• Food – Are you a great cook or baker?
o Cater dinner for another family on an agreed-upon date
o Deliver a baked item, preserve, or other special edible on a monthly basis
• Fine wine
• Sports, theater, or concert event tickets
• Passes to family-friendly places (zoos, museums, bowling, movies, amusement parks, and aquariums)
• Gift certificates
o Restaurants
o Spa/massage/acupuncture treatments
o Your favorite retail stores or boutiques
o Dance, martial arts, sports, and other classes
• Electronics and software (new)
• Fun things for the home

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